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Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile makeovers in Highgate

Modern dentistry is no longer concerned only with the structure and functionality of our teeth, important though this is, but also with their appearance.

Whilst there are some treatments which are both aesthetic and bring functional improvements, such as dental implants, in this section of our website we will take a look at three of our procedures whose purpose is predominantly to help give us a great smile.


Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are sometimes described as being like ‘false fingernails for the teeth’. The reason for this is that they are made from very fine layers of porcelain or ceramic and are shaped and fitted to the front of the teeth. As you might image though, fitting a dental veneer is rather more skilled than fitting a finger nail!

Generally, veneers are used on teeth that are badly cracked or chipped, or on teeth that are too heavily discoloured for a teeth whitening procedure (see below) to be fully effective.

To prepare a tooth for a veneer, a fine layer is removed from the front of the tooth and impressions taken from which the veneers will be produced. These will then be fitted to the prepared teeth and trimmed and polished to give them a natural appearance.


Teeth Whitening

Some substances are well known to cause discoloured teeth, for example tobacco products and red wine being two of the worst offenders. Even if we avoid these though, the natural ageing process will also cause a darkening or yellowing of the teeth which brushing alone will not be able to prevent.

By offering teeth whitening procedures at N6 Dental, we are able to give our patients a fast and effective method of having whiter teeth.

Please note that although ‘at home’ kits are available in shops and online, their impact is limited by safety restrictions on the amount of the whitening agent that can be used and consequently they will not deliver such a good result as our tooth whitening treatments.


White Dental Fillings

Although the most noticeable teeth when we smile are the front ones; those of us who have had rear teeth filled with amalgam (the dark fillings) are likely to be self-conscious when we laugh or open our mouths wide.

At N6 Dental, we offer tooth coloured fillings to all of our patients. These fillings are now considered to be almost as strong as amalgam fillings and are certainly more pleasing to the eye.

If you would like to have whiter teeth or have concerns about any visual aspect of your smile, why not contact N6 Dental of Highgate to see what we can do to help you. Please call us on 020 8348 1546.


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